The Symphony Hall Main Drop Curtain

Wild geese soaring over Mount Afurine in search of the future…

もとめもとめて  あふれくる
もろもろの胸  いつしらず
おのづとむかふ  ところあり

(桐蔭学園歌 作詞:加藤楸邨)

See the wild geese soaring over Mount Afurine…
Strive, strive for the future.
Let our hearts overflow with dreams of things to come,
And the paths that lead us to our own special destinies,
Will appear naturally before us…-from the Toin Gakuen school song written by Shuson Kato


ホール緞帳 作者の言葉
女子部高校6期生(当時高校2年生) 井上陽子、斉藤茜、篠原道子、鈴木裕子


The main drop curtain in Memorial Hall was modeled after the ‘wild geese soaring in search of the future’ that appear in the school song.
The final design, which was selected through a school wide student competition,
was created by four 11th grade High School girls.
The four girls, Yoko Inoue, Akane Saito, Michiko Shinohara, Hiroko Suzuki, left the following words to commemorate their design:”‘The wild geese soaring over Mount Afurine seeking the future’ represent ourselves.
We thought that dawn was the appropriate setting for departing on such a journey,and chose colors for the mountains and sky that would impart an aura of daybreak.
The sun has yet to rise over Mount Afurine, but the geese do not wait for the sun to rise closer to them.
They seek out the boundless power of the sun themselves and fly higher and higher.
To those geese striving for such great heights, we entrust our idealism, our strength, and our youth.
The reason we chose white for the geese is because white can be dyed any color;
white can absorb any dream, any wish, any aspiration.
We decided to use traditional Japanese paper in making our final design.
Not only did we hope to match the style of our work to the classical haiku structure of the school song lyrics,
but we also wanted our design to exude that special unchanging quality that emanates from things with a long history behind them.
To give the piece a soft feeling to it, we wet the paper before cutting it.
We tried our best to use traditional color, and as the deadline approached, we found ourselves up all night working on the project!
In reality, we still have few concrete ideas about what we hope to accomplish in the future.
What should we strive for? Which direction should we go?
We find ourselves constantly confronted with such questions.
For that alone, we feel our design overflows with these feelings of uncertainty, expectation, and hope for the future.”